Analysis of morphological and material properties of plastics due to laser welding

Control of scale formation and removal during continuous processing

Binder-jet printing of high-strength ceramics using spray-dried granules

Statistical approaches to establish structure-property relationships in binder jet additively manufactured WC-Co parts

Fabrication of alumina devices via freeze-casting for use in the manufacture of advanced steels

Materials and processing design for binder jet additive manufacturing of tungsten alloys

Manufacturing optimization of bioprinted muscle based on B-spline mediated tissue reconstruction for simulation


Mushroom based 3D printed insulating material

Impact of skin/core architecture on drug release from extruded and injection molded long-acting implants and tablets

A human-oriented approach to the lead manufacturing of BSG 3D printing composite materials


Noise reduction of vehicle cabin climate control system

Economic elastomeric sealing to withstand elevated temperatures

Evaluation of clustering effect in harmony turbine's vertical-axis wind turbine farms

Performance of concrete blocks incorporating ultra-lightweight foamed glass aggregates

The use of mobile modular automation to improve the efficiency of sample handling and laboratory analysis

Enabling improved glass recycling technology and modeling tools

Process modification for acid recycling using filtration and PRO.pHx

Portable test and measurement system for performance evaluation of vertical axis wind turbines


Development of corrosion inhibiting economical salt blends for thermal energy capture and utilization

Efficient automated line for wardrobes


Sustainable packaging for sustainably produced goods: developing cost-effective compostable packaging through local supply chains

Long-term autonomous navigation of materials handling ground vehicles

Low-cost compact transfer module for design and analysis of batteries and their components

Simulation and experimental study on hot-end assemblies of FDM 3D printers

Use of hemp materials in growing media

Use of foamed glass aggregate in stormwater infrastructure

Mechanical and physical properties of injection molded, hemp-reinforced bioplastic

Design and manufacture of high-performance 3D printed sustainable building composites using cellulose nanomaterials

Scalable water-based nanomaterial coating to enable fire retardancy in hydrophobic fibers

Enhanced additive manufacturing of polypropylene components via interlayer fusion with alkylboranes

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Altered state shelf-stable beverage development

Capacitive sensing for precision chemical analysis of polar compounds

A novel wearable physical therapy system

Detecting and mitigating power adhesion and accumulation on pharmaceutical tableting tools