Principal investigator: Steven Stumbris

University: Bucknell University

Industry partner: Harmony Turbines

This project will establish and validate the performance characteristics of Harmony Turbines’ unique vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) design and automatic furling (closing) capabilities. We plan to measure performance data in various wind speeds. Data collected for full-scale turbines includes baseline wattage and efficiency at the 100% open condition for all wind speeds that we are capable of measuring. Additional data will be collected at partially furled states in the same wind conditions. Finally, noise production in various wind speeds will also be assessed.

Our test plan includes both lab-based and field-based testing and evaluations. In our lab-based research, we will use Bucknell University’s wind tunnel laboratory to evaluate VAWT models created using 3D printing and other fabrication tools in Bucknell’s College of Engineering laboratories and MakerSpaces. Furling configurations ranging from 40% - 100% open will be evaluated. In our field-based research, we will design a portable test stand to measure torque, speed, and noise of full-scale prototypes in wind speeds ranging from 2 mph - 60 mph. The field tests will be conducted at Bucknell University and at selected sites in order to experience various wind conditions. The portable test capability will aid in obtaining rapid feedback to accelerate prototype iterations and enable efficient development of commercial products.