Principal investigator: Antonios Zavaliangos

University: Drexel University

Industry partner: Natoli Scientific

Drexel University and Natoli Scientific will collaborate to address the problem of powder adhesion and accumulation (sticking) on tableting tools during pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing. Small amounts of tablet components remain on the tools after a tablet is ejected. This material can accumulate on the tools to cause of progressively worsening tablet surface quality, loss of geometry definition, and increased weight variation, resulting in significant costs and production delays.

The goal of this work is to provide a scientific basis for rational decisions in manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets that are susceptible to the problem of sticking. Specific aims of this work include the establishment of robust testing protocols, the understanding the physical mechanisms of sticking, and the development and validation of a systematic methodology for mitigation. The results of this research will be significant for new drug development by shortening the time to market for new therapeutic solutions and by reducing the cost of the associated R&D efforts. Participating Drexel University students will benefit from access to Natoli Scientific facilities and direct interactions with company scientists and engineers. A previous collaboration funded by the Manufacturing PA Innovation Program resulted in the hiring of a Drexel Ph.D. graduate by Natoli Scientific.