Principal investigator: Babak Eslami

University: Widener University

Industry partner: Verde Mantis LP

Widener University's 3D Printing Research Group (W3PRG) has developed a collaboration with Verde Mantis LP, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Reading, Pennsylvania. During the past year, it is found that one of the critical components in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers is known to be its "hot-end assembly," which includes a heat source, nozzle, and heat sink to cool down the electronics. Currently, there are limited designs in the market available to manufacturers. Verde Mantis seeks an optimum design of a hot-end assembly for their 3D printers that can achieve the desired temperature for different polymers in the fastest and most accurate way. Our research team at Widener University is tasked to achieve this objective by: (1) performing numerical and experimental work on the current models in the market for hot-end assemblies [i.e., 11 models by Verde Mantis], (2) comparing the quality of prints, and (3) design and introduce an optimum model for a hot-end where Verde Mantis can potentially use for their 3D printers. This project is an interdisciplinary project with results planned to be published in appropriate conferences and peer-reviewed journals.