Biomanufacturing of dissolvable microneedle arrays for transdermal and intradermal delivery of biopharmaceuticals

Binder jet 3D printing from powder produced by metal attrition

Additive manufacturing of pulsating heat pipes for compact and efficient thermal management

Manufacturing heat exchanges via additive processes

Optimal parts consolidation and structural redesign for additive manufacturing to reduce weight, production costs, and lifecycle fuel use

Implementation of user feedback to improve 3D printed orthotics and prosthetics design and manufacturing process

Femtosecond laser manufacturing of 3d photonics components in nonlinear optical substrate

Improving 3D binder jet printed tungsten-carbide parts via strategies to increase green density strength

Smart crucible: Monitoring damage of crucibles by embedded electric resistance sensor

A computational tool for simulating the sintering behavior in binder jet additive manufacturing

Pushing the boundaries of ceramic additive manufacturing (cam) with visible light initiated polymerization (vip) 


Compression stress relaxation (CSR) to assess seal performance

Comparison between polymeric and optimized composite materials for mold making

Impact of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) spatial orientation and matrix phase behavior on drug release from extruded and injection molded long-acting implants


Multiple core assembly production improvement and enhancement

Advanced manufacturing of ceramics for pa industries

Image-guided quality control for low-volume and high-mix manufacturing

Enabling AFM process analysis for advanced technology development

Human error reduction in Mack Truck operations

Evaluation of recycled foamed glass aggregates in lightweight precast concrete

Concurrent inclined plate settler use in industrial stormwater treatment

Taking thermoforming to the next industrial age: First steps

Cold sintering aided manufacture of high green strength and dense powdered metal components 


Pennsylvania-based development of smart and adaptive extrusion manufacturing at Noortek LLC.

Fabrication of high strength and biocompatible/bioabsorbable surgical skin adhesives for wound closure

Development of refractories for renewable energy applications

Manufacture of membrane modules for cleaning pa fracking flow-back water using membrane distillation process


Supercritical CO2 dyeing of UHMWPE fibers

A digital thread design approach for product smart manufacturing

Rapid adhesion of aerospace and commodity polymer substrates through alkylborane-initiation

Damage-tolerant design of ultra-high-performance cementitious composite

Scaling in pharmaceutical tablet processing

Local autonomous navigation for materials handling ground vehicles

Development of metalworking fluid for compacted graphite iron (cgi) machining using advanced tools

Invest: Intelligent, networkable and versatile energy storage technology

Hemp reinforced bio-plastic for 3D printing

Hemp-derived composites for molded acoustic tile applications

Fabrication of high strength and biocompatible/bioabsorbable surgical skin adhesives for wound closure

Design and manufacturing of patient-specific rib implants

Wetting of binder solution on porous bed of microparticles

Manufacturing process, assembly and system yield optimization for microelectromechanical systems devices

Smart brain imager

Multi-scale characterization of additive manufacturing polymers: simulation and experimental study