Principal investigator: Robert Voigt, Andris Freivalds

University: The Pennsylvania State University

Industry partners: Benton Foundry, Inc.

Metalcasting facilities exist in all 50 states and the metalcasting industry is one of the most important sectors of the manufacturing economy and supply chain in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, with 131 metalcasting facilities, ranks second only to Ohio, which has 157 facilities. Unlimited opportunities in the cast part design and the ability for companies to use advanced design tools will push the PA investment casting industry forward while opening up opportunities for the companies to take on highly complex jobs that command a higher profit margin. The project will focus on casting through the use of cores. When multiple cores are assembled into the mold, the complexity and value of the casting increase significantly. It will coordinate with the engineers and technicians of Benton Foundry, in Benton, PA, to increase the productivity of these core assemblies by reviewing the techniques used and increase the speed, accuracy, and ergonomics in the process. The goal is to increase casting productivity from 170 tons/day to 225 tons/day. In addition, the knowledge gained from this project will be disseminated to other foundries through PA metalcasting trade organizations and industrial resource centers so that the metal casting industry in general will also benefit.