Principal investigator: Jonathan Spanier

University: Drexel University

Industry partners: Advanced Research Systems, Inc.

In this project Advanced Research Systems, Inc. (ARS)-a Pennsylvania company located in Allentown, Pennsylvania-will collaborate with Drexel University to develop an advanced, automated laboratory cryogen delivery and management system. ARS is one of four companies selling closed cycle cryocoolers in the research and development market. ARS supplies custom cryostats which enable low temperature research for material scientists around the world and are sold in over 50 countries. All cryocoolers and customized cryostats are made in Pennsylvania, with outsourcing of machining and surface treatment to local companies done as much as possible. ARS buys approximately $2,000,000 worth of parts from PA machine shops, which translates to 20 people indirectly employed for ARS products in Pennsylvania. ARS employs 25 people, between scientists, engineers, and technicians. ARS export sales can be as high as 60%, with the largest markets in Europe, India, and China. In this project, a hardware and software interface will be designed, developed, and tested to permit user friendly, safe, and reliable cryogenic delivery for laboratory and clinical usage. The project will involve several Drexel University PA Manufacturing Fellows, including graduate and co-operative undergraduate students.