Modifying powder shape to achieve targeted microstructure and properties of binder jetted copper structures

Principal investigator: Markus Chmielus

University: University of Pittsburgh

Industry partner: Metal Powder Works

We will utilize the experience and resources of the proposal team, Metal Powder Works (MPW), and the team of Prof. Markus Chmielus at the University of Pittsburgh, to combine metal powder production, binder jet 3D printing (BJP), heat treatments, characterization, and testing. With MPW’s unique capability to vary the shape and size of metal powders, the team will systematically investigate the printability of different powders for BJP and will identify optimized powders for different target applications, e.g. solid structures for structural applications or porous structures for heat transfer and filtration applications. We will utilize a rapid experimentation and modeling procedure developed at Pitt to define powder and processing parameters and reduce experimentation time. The final goal of this collaboration is to correlate powder, print, and heat treatment parameters with microstructure and properties to accelerate future powder development and targeted powder creation for specific applications.