Electrochemical drilling of ultra-deep holes with magnetic tool-tip guidance and flexible tooling

Principal investigator: Burak Ozdoganlar

University: Carnegie Mellon University

Industry partner: Tech Met, Inc.

The objective of this collaborative project between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and TechMet Inc. is to develop a novel industrial process for ultra-deep hole drilling on high-temperature materials. TechMet is a Pennsylvania company that is a leader in the electrochemical machining of various materials. In this proposal, we aim to address a fundamental challenge that TechMet faces—being able to drill ultra-high-aspect ratio holes on a variety of metals and alloys for aerospace and energy industries. Currently, the ability to fabricate small holes with aspect ratios (length-to-diameter) reaching 1,000 is non-existent. To address this challenge, we propose an innovative approach that combines two novel technologies: magnetic tool tip guidance and flexible tooling. Our approach will include experimental and simulation studies and demonstrations of ultra-deep holes in molybdenum. This will provide unique abilities for various advanced applications, including in the energy and aerospace sectors.