Development of materials and processes for optimized recycled products manufacturing at US premium molders

Principal investigator: John Coulter

University: Lehigh University

Industry partner: US Premium Molders LLC

The proposed project will incorporate polymers and injection molding expertise at Lehigh University into the start-up of a new US Premium Molders manufacturing facility in Berwick, PA. At full operation, the facility will provide over 100 new advanced manufacturing jobs, and partnering with Lehigh is critical to advance the Company down that path. With the Company based on the utilization of recycled plastic starting materials and the creation of a line of injection molded solar energy generation products, the jobs to be created will support sustainable circular materials and clean energy economy. Two Lehigh students will be included as PMFI Fellows, and the University-Industry project team will 1) Optimize the manufacturing facility design and layout, 2) Develop optimal recycled polymer compound mixtures for initial products, 3) Determine optimized injection molding parameters for initial product manufacturing and 4) Specify manufacturing parameters for a future line of solar energy generation products.