Material and structural characterization of fiber-reinforced asphalt pavements in Pennsylvania using Forta fiber products

Principal investigator: Mansour Solaimanian

University: Pennsylvania State University

Industry partner:  Forta Asphalt Fiber

Maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements impose extensive delays, costs, and safety issues for Pennsylvania road users. In this project, the potential performance improvements resulting from fiber incorporation in asphalt pavement materials will be investigated. To this end, the fibers produced by Forta Corporation along with PA raw materials (e.g., binders and aggregates) will be used to fabricate asphalt testing specimens. The microstructure, blending quality, and performance of different fiber-modified samples will be evaluated using advanced tools and testing methods at the Northeast Center of Excellence for Pavement Technology (NECEPT) lab. The optimal dosage and geometry of the fibers will be determined based on the compatibility of the fibers with asphalt materials and considering the binder rheological properties, cracking resistance, and rutting susceptibility of fiber-reinforced asphalt mixtures. The structural benefits and cost savings of the optimum fiber-modified asphalt mixture will be investigated using pavement design tools.