Machine learning driven quality control analysis and extended reality based training system for welding

Principal investigators: Saurabh Basu and Soundar Kumara

University: Pennsylvania State University

Industry partner: Custom Container Solutions

The scientific objective of the proposal is to understand how the experiential knowledge of senior welding engineers can be incorporated into feedback software for training novice engineers. Our overarching goal is to sustain a strong manufacturing workforce in PA as it dwindles due to retirement. A team from the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, will work with engineers from the company Customer Container Solutions (CCS) in Milton, PA, to create this system. It will be based on a smartphone-like portable platform and leverage novel advances in machine learning for assessing feedback. It will be trained by leveraging data and know-how available from CCS engineers. A direct impact of this partnership will be CCS’ ability to rapidly train its novice engineers and enhance their skills. The software will provide CCS with a physics-based platform to rapidly assess the quality of welds, and propose necessary mitigation approaches, thus providing a competitive edge.