Principal investigator: Allison Saunders

University: Lycoming College

Industry partner: Four Birds Distilling

This project aims to prepare quality bourbon in a shorter time period using ultrasound sonication technology and determine the optimal conditions for the process. This includes testing different types of wood(s), levels of charring of the wood, and oxygen pressurization. Small batches of bourbon will be produced under various conditions in the laboratory at Lycoming College. Once optimal conditions are found, the technology will be transferred to large-scale production at Four Birds Distilling. Subsequent testing will include analyzing the product for the aroma, color, taste, and chemical makeup using high-performance liquid chromatography (LC-MS) to ensure the same quality product is being produced at the distillery. The close proximity of Four Birds Distilling to Lycoming College will allow students to conduct this research both at the laboratory on campus and at the production site at the distillery.