From construction waste to ecological architecture: CRuMBLE (Concrete Rubble Manufacturing for Building Lifecycle and Environment)

Innovating construction through manufacturing: a reinforcement learning framework for robotically-supported modular factories

Mass manufacturing of liquid metal fluoropolymer elastomer composites

Exploration of laser degating and welding of plastics for commercial opportunities

Reusable N95 cartridge and building filters via binder jet 3D printing informed by 3D characterization, modelling and simulation

Influence of casting and rolling processes on precipitation reactions in Ti/Nb steels

A gradient-based deformation compensation method for minimizing warpage in sintered binder jetted parts

Spatially tuned hiperco alloy based motors for electric vehicle and hybrid-electric aircraft applications 


Erie-Descent:  A cost-effective multi-method UVC sterilizer

Next generation TPU column guard for storage rack protection

Smart manufacturing and operator intervention systems for injection molding processes

Fabrication of Cu-Ni-Si parts by powder metallurgy


Enabling PECM process analysis for advanced cathode system design

I-AIM4PA: Innovation in AI in advanced manufacturing for Pennsylvania

Manufacturing ultra-conductors for the next generation efficient electric machines

Developing modular cobot automation solutions for the testing environment


Data-enabled manufacturing of high-entropy alloys for cryocoolers

Development of a manufacturing method for strengthening flat glass products

Freshpet predictive analytics and artificial intelligence


Developing a thermodynamic-guided manufacturing process to produce sustainable lightweight aggregate from waste coal combustion ash and waste glass

Design and manufacturing optimization of a personalized total ankle replacement

Modification of the touchspinner for deposition of antibacterial coatings on various surfaces

Integrated controller for transactive electric vehicles charging

Design and prototype development of an impact resistant lithium-ion battery cell

Mechanical & physical properties of hemp reinforced composite parts: injection molding vs. 3D printing

Data-driven physics-informed models to predict shrinkage and distortion of additively manufactured metals during the sinter densification process

Amphenol-Villanova partnership for innovation in the calibration of CO2 sensors to increase throughput: a computational and experimental approach

Development of a low-cost field ventilator

Design and development of environmentally controlled enclosure for 3D printers