Acoustic monitoring for additive manufacturing production

Process innovation: Autonomous evaluation of titanium metal components

An innovative electrochemical-mechanical grinding approach for creating high quality curved surfaces

3D printed conformal sensors for in-situ monitoring of cracks in critical freight car components

Effect of powder characteristics, processing parameters and sintering kinetics on densification and resulting properties of binder jet 3D printed biomaterials

High-throughput materials development for metal-cutting tools in advanced manufacturing

Two step, transient liquid phase sintering (TST-LPS) of binder-jet 3d printed nickel-based superalloys

Tungsten carbide metal composites produced via direct metal deposition

Advancing the manufacturing of complex three-dimensional ceramics parts with a novel photoinhibition aided ceramic photopolymer based additive manufacturing (PinCPAM)

Development and commercialization of laser welding systems for joining plastic components 


Product and manufacturing innovations for water sports equipment for Gilson Snow, Inc.

Manufacturing/wear optimization of resin-bonded composites with graphene nanofillers

Sustainable casting systems for Pennsylvania foundries using non-silica aggregates

Additive manufacturing integration–positioning the PA investment casting industry for sustainability & growth (AMI-4PAIC)


Encapsulated, multifunctional additives for improving bioplastics

Maintain viability of PA short-run foundry through advanced manufacturing technology


Advanced manufacturing of architected fiber-reinforced cementitious composite

The cell net: a new method for cell sorting

Understanding, predicting, and mitigating air entrapment defects in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of filled nanocellulose materials

Fabrication of collapsible tubular meshes as ultra-long lasting oral drug depots

Prognostic utility asset health monitor

Evaluation of field performance of steel fin pile foundations

Manufacturing process optimization for food and biosolids waste conversion to valuable products

Compressed metal foam-based cold plates for refrigerant-based electronics cooling