2023 student video winners

As part of the Manufacturing PA Innovation Program Expo on April 21, 2023, students showcased their collaboration with PA manufacturers to advance innovation through a video competition. These students prepared one video for their Manufacturing PA Innovation Program project.

First place

Regeneration of electroplating baths using soluble metal silicates

  • Students: Madison Adams, Ashleigh Dell, and Peyton Frederick
  • University: Millersville University
  • Industry partner: K&L Plating Inc.

Second place

Use of hemp in growing media

  • Students: Soumik Datta, Florentin Kraus, and Russell Becht
  • University: Thomas Jefferson University
  • Industry partner: Hemp-Alternative

Third place

Enabling improved glass recycling technology and modeling tools 

  • Students: Katy Gerace and Aaron Bossen
  • University: Penn State University
  • Industry partner: Remark Glass

Fourth place

Evaluation of clustering effect in harmony turbines' vertical axis wind turbine farms

  • Students: Jocelyn Espinoza, Tyler Albert, and Alexander Scheffler-Murry 
  • University: The Pennsylvania State University
  • Industry partner: Harmony Turbines

Honorable mention

Re-use of wool waste in various value-added products

  • Students: Anthony Vamosi Iannarella and Ali Aminian 
  • University: Thomas Jefferson University East Falls
  • Industry partners: Lone Cricket Productions and Coexist