Manufacturing PA Innovation Program Project Webinar

November 24, 2020

10:00 a.m. ET


Speaker: Antonios Zavaliangos

Topic: Understanding, predicting and mitigating air entrapment defects in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing

Sponsors: Drexel University with Merck

Pharmaceutical manufacturing of solid oral dosages faces several problems that stem from the need to balance the contradicting requirements of mechanical strength and bioavailability. This project focuses on understanding, predicting and mitigating defects that are caused by air entrapment during pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing. This problem has become increasingly common because many new active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are produced in very fine (~micron) size to address limited solubility and meet bioavailability requirements. The presence of such fine powder in the tablet formulations in high volume percent restricts the displacement of the interstitial air during tablet compaction. The entrapped air is pressurized and upon release of the compaction load the internal pressure is often high enough to damage the tablets.

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